Mishaps in the kitchen and elsewhere

This has been a very strange week for me. I don’t know if I should blame it on post-holiday-traumatic stress disorder, hormones, the season, the kids or whatever. Needless to say, Steph just doesn’t have her groove back.

Monday started off OK. I was driving home after school drop-off, and having gotten my usual iced tea, I found myself getting teary thinking about my niece having a baby. She just found out she is pregnant and is only a few weeks along. I felt like I was lamenting the loss of that time in my own life, even though my youngest is only 4 years old. I figured this was definitely due to hormones! The problem with my mom having kids starting so young and then having so many of us is that the generations are literally tripping over each other. It is crazy that way! But despite all the whatever-it-is I had going on, I managed to make some interesting cookies and a lovely braised pork for dinner. I had lots of help making the cookies (Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies) and we managed to forget one very important step: they were supposed to be pressed flat. The cookies came out of the over pretty much like they went in. The kids were thrilled! They loved the giant cookie sandwiches these made. I had to laugh! Kids are good for the soul that way.

Tuesday was a blur. I was immediately behind my own schedule, because I had to take my husband to work. The trip to and from downtown takes me an hour plus, depending on traffic. Not kidding. We live about 5 miles outside of the core, so one would think this could be done more quickly, but no. Traffic will not allow. I had intended to blog yesterday about the cookies, but just couldn’t get this written. I had several days of email to get through, some paperwork and several things related to Christmas shopping/planning. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up the kids and from there, all was lost. Last night, however, I made homemade Empanadas from scratch. I used one onion, 3 links of Chorizo sausage, a handful of Twice Cooked turkey and 3 cubed/steamed Yukon gold potatoes. These are supposed to be fried, but I decided to bake them like turnovers. I figured the last thing we needed was more fat and calories with all the other holiday stuff we have going on. My husband and I liked them as they were. I had one kid who parted them out, but still ate most of it, one kid who only ate the crust, and one who only ate the filling. Too bad too, because we are having Twice Cooked tonight! Fortunately, there is still plenty to choose from in the fridge.

Today, was mishap galore! My day started off OK, sort of. I had an appointment downtown (again, all the traffic!), so I grabbed a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks while getting my tea. Unfortunately, I drove off before I realized they hadn’t given it to me. I turned around so I could get it, or else I would be famished during my meeting. I hit the road and about 10 minutes from there, my nose starts to bleed. At first I was like, no big deal, I will just pull off at the next driveway. Unfortunately, this was the world’s longest light. By the time it changed, I had blood coming out both sides of my nose and my mouth. It was horrible! I used all the tissues I had in the car, plus all the napkins. It took 30 minutes to stop. Of course I chose this day to wear my cream-colored turtleneck! Luckily, my sweater made it out unscathed. I make it to my appointment on time only to be told that I am on the wrong campus. So I hike over to the other campus only to be told that I was in the right place the first time. So I hike back. I am now LATE for my meeting. The meeting is a bit of a bummer and by the time I leave all I really want is Chinese food. This is my go-to comfort food. But alas, I have no time before my next appointment. I had scrambled to get a hair appointment today since I was going to be downtown already (figured I would save myself another 60 minutes in the car). I told her I needed something super cute, as I had an important date coming up next week. She is clipping and cutting away. Finally she blows me out and squeals how cute I look and spins me around to the mirror: I literally almost cry. In the ‘60’s the flip was very popular. It looked great on Marlo Thomas (remember how much I love her!), but not so great on Julia Child. I looked like the latter. I left there trying to figure out what to do next about my hair. I started to cry in the car, only to have to stop, because, that’s right!, my nose was bleeding again! I have had a crappy day. BLAH!!!

The upside: Tomorrow can only be better.


3 thoughts on “Mishaps in the kitchen and elsewhere

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Sadly, that day didn’t get any better. I convinced the family to go for Chinese (which they complained about the entire time) and found myself, literally, choking on my spicy garlic beef. – LOL! Some days just keep giving. The rest of the week has been better, but only marginally so. It has to turn around soon.

  2. Well, the upside is you wrote an entertaining post that made me and I’m sure many others smile and feel like someone else understands what it is like to have a crappy day. Hoping the rest of your week goes better.


  3. Are we living the same life right now or what? I have been weepy about the pregnant niece too and am not sure why really. I am thrilled to pieces for them and I know that they will be great parents, but I am mourning that part of my life being over. I also feel all Scroogy this year about Christmas and normally this is my favorite time of year soooooo…. who knows. And then I was all depressed about the Thanksgiving chaos and I was feeling so alone in Colorado and realizing I have NO ONE out here, on and on and on. *wahhhh wahhh wahhh*

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