Cupcakes baby!

Today was all about cupcakes. I had pulled several recipes originally, but after the donut fiasco, I decided that I had better pair it down first. I narrowed it down to a S’mores cupcake and a Snickerdoodle cupcake. Both above merely average one that I would have produced normally, so I figured this would be fun.

I started with the S’more one by 6 Bittersweets, mostly because I lean towards chocolate over cinnamon any day. These were simply FANTASTIC! I am not kidding. They took a bit more work than simply dumping in some batter and spreading on a Buttercream, but they were heavenly! The family has said these were the best cupcakes – EVER! I only “frosted” about half of them, as I wasn’t sure everyone would like it, so I had a ton left over. I piped the leftover meringue out onto a Silpat-lined baking sheet and left it in the warm over for several hours. They were like little marshmallows originally, but they didn’t hold up. They began to get sticky and leaky (meaning they left a syrupy trail) after a few hours. They were tasty in the meantime though. Seemed really wasteful to me overall however. I loved the marshmallow topping, but my husband liked them better without. I don’t have a kitchen torch, so I had to toast them under a low broiler.

Even though we were in love with the S’mores, I had to keep moving. I dove right into the Snickerdoodle cupcake from Annie’s Eats. I made these mostly because my extended family really loves Snickerdoodle cookies, so I had to give these a try. They turned out beautifully. Again, the cooked frosting made way more than I needed, but again, it is likely because I only frosted half of them. These were very yummy. The S’mores cupcake is still the ultimate winner, and I am just glad to have made a couple of treats that turned out!



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