Menu this Week

After a couple of weeks of some serious sugar intake, I feel like I need some savory things in my diet. I still plan to try out some sweets for the holidays, but otherwise this week’s focus is on dinner and side dishes. Here is what I plan to work on this week:

Monday: Garlicky Pork with Kale
Tuesday: Quinoa Burgers with green beans on the side
Wednesday: Twice Cooked Navy Bean Soup with Homemade Bread
Thursday: Chicken Marsala with Braised Brussels Sprouts
Friday: Dinner out with friends
Saturday: Like to be Twice Cooked from earlier in the week, depending on how much overflow I have from earlier in the week
Sunday: Dinner out again – different friends. I may look into a beef dish and see if we can’t get them to come over instead.

In addition to meals, I plan to make a Clafoutis, S’mores and Snickerdoodle Cupcakes, and Chocolate Brioche. Still, a lot of sweets. Fortunately, I can easily pawn them off if I need to – LOL!

My other goal for this week is some recipe development. Not that I don’t still have dozens of cookbooks and recipes in my file to try, but I feel like I need to express myself. Wish me luck!


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