Death by Chocolate

Today, I tried to kill myself. By overdosing with chocolate. Sounds like a good way to go, but it isn’t. I don’t feel so good.

I started by making Chocolate Brownie Cookies from Fine Cooking. The recipe was a bit unclear on how much room to give these for baking, so I had the first batch a little close together. What I didn’t realize though, is that these don’t spread. So mine cooked up just like the little dollops that they were going into the oven. And the little swirly point from piping them out burned to boot. Fortunately, I hadn’t piped out the second batch yet, which, by the way, I wasn’t thrilled with having to pipe these to begin with. So with the next batch, I made them bigger, spread them flatter and then made sure that there weren’t any points on them by pressing them a bit with my finger. They baked up nicely and looked great. Sadly, they were so dry that I couldn’t choke it down. I ate the first one with my tea, but then gave up on having a second. They were that bad. Too bad too, they looked like they would be a yummy holiday treat.

Next up in the cocktail of chocolate for today: Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Donuts. These were not a fried donut, like the ones I made last week. I finally bought myself a donut pan so that I could avoid all the deep fat frying (not that I don’t love it!). These came together pretty quickly. I could see whipping up a batch on a Saturday morning. After not being thrilled about piping the cookies I had just made, I found myself piping these too. It seemed like the easiest way to get the batter into the pans without making a huge mess. Turned out to be a good move. The batter was fairly thin and would have been all over the place. I didn’t use the glaze she did, as I hate to cook with corn syrup and avoid it when I can. I made a chocolate Buttercream, but then thinned it a bit with milk. The kids LOVED these. I didn’t, but that is OK. Honestly, I am not a big cake eater anyway. I am just glad they turned out and that I am not feeding them to my compost worms.


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