No cookin’ today

Today started off great! I got up early (technically my usual time, but looked early with the time change), exercised and showered. We got the kids off on time and everything was rolling. Then… my husband called. He forgot his bus pass and work badge. I now had to drive into downtown and back home during the morning commute. There went 90 minutes. Since I still hadn’t eaten, I decided I had better do that before I went grocery shopping. Somewhere from the time I decided to eat to getting to the actual market, I killed another 2 hours. Not even sure how, but I do know I got the laundry started. Next thing I know it is pick up time for the kids. I had to take them all with me clothes shopping, as my oldest needed some gear for outdoor ed, which is next week. Suddenly, the plans I had for dinner were also out the window. So the 2-3 things I thought I could cook today never happened. Serious bummer. Tomorrow I have to take the car to the shop, so there goes another couple hours this week as well. Oh well. I will have to accomplish what I can and be OK with it. Such is life.

This week I plan to tackle a hot and sour soup, stuffed peppers, beef tenderloin with a Pinot-pomegranate sauce, brownie cookies, a chocolate sandwich cookie with a peanut butter filling, and a Panko fried chicken. I also bought myself a donut pan, so I just might go back and attempt those other 2 donut recipes that I skipped over last week. Who knows. I will post updates as I can.

Happy cooking!


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