Dessert Can Kill

This week, in addition to 3 batches of donuts, I have also made 3 deserts: Lemon Tart, Flourless Chocolate Cake and Puff Pastry Tart (plus a couple of turnovers). The sugar level in our house is off the charts! This doesn’t even include the fact that we have BAGS and BAGS of Halloween candy. This is just crazy!

To start with, I found a package of puff pastry in the freezer. I had assumed that my husband had bought it, but it may have been me. I am losing my mind. Anyway, I decided to make a tart with it, since I had several pears to use before they got much softer. I also wanted to play with some of the jam that I had made, so I turned a third of it into turnovers. These were very popular. I don’t think I even got one, now that I think about it. Neither did my husband, as they were eaten before dinner. Both were super easy though and only took a few ingredients to make:

Fresh Fruit Tart
1 package of puff pastry, defrosted
2-3 pears, cored and thinly sliced
Cinnamon and sugar mixture (I had this leftover from another recipe, so not sure how much I actually used)
Butter, softened

I laid out 2 of the pastry sheets and spread the bottom with the softened butter, about 1” from each edge. I laid the sliced pears on top of the buttered area and sprinkled generously with the cinnamon and sugar. Lastly, I folded up the edges of the pastry to give it a rustic finish. I popped it into a 400 degree oven on a Silpat lined baking sheet and baked it for about 40 minutes, until golden brown. I served it with some crème fraiche. It was yummy! As for the 3rd piece of pastry, I cut it into 6 rectangles, added a dollop of jam (I used apricot and strawberry-basil jams that I had put up this summer), brushed the edges with an egg wash, folded into a triangle, pressed the edges together with a fork, sprinkled the top with raw sugar and cooked them alongside the tart. These were done much more quickly though, so I pulled them out about halfway through. Again, very popular with the kids.

Next up was the lemon tart. Oh how I wish my sisters were here. This thing was SO heavenly, if you like lemon, that is. I used Paula Deen’s Perfect Pie Crust along with this French Lemon Tart from Serious Eats (adapted from Dorie Greenspan). I could eat this every day. Not kidding. I would be a thousand pounds and covered with pimples (dairy makes my skin break out), but it might be worth it.

Last, but not least, was a Chocolate Flourless Cake. This recipe came in my Real Simple magazine this month. I was looking for something to add to the Thanksgiving Day line-up. I like chocolate more than pumpkin, so I wanted to give this a whirl. It was really delish. I think it needed a raspberry coulis or something with a bit of a bite to it, rather than the whipped cream they had it served with. Anyway, it was fantastic and I definitely will make it again.

As usual, tomorrow is menu planning for the week. Additionally, the hubby and I are currently negotiating the Thanksgiving Day menu. I am starting to get excited already!


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