Why must we fight all the time?! This time it’s donuts.

I have been seeing so many posts about donuts (proper English: doughnuts) lately that I just had to make some. I have a weak spot for donuts. Sadly (fortunately?), Krispy Kreme doesn’t make their Chocolate Fling anymore. That will save me a lot of time driving downtown on Sunday mornings! Anyway, I don’t do breakfast out anymore. Those days are behind me. So, being the new DIY girl of the century, I have taken matters into my own hands. I pulled 5 recipes from the posts I had read recently that I thought would be worth a try. Upon closer inspection, 2 of them were baked donuts and I don’t have a donut pan, so that removed them from the running. That left me with 3 fried-style donuts, each having a Fall flavor profile to them, which I liked.

I started with this one from Cherry Tea Cakes: Apple Cider Glazed Donuts. I think I must have botched something, because mine didn’t turn out this nice looking and they tasted even worse. I was still frying when I offered the first batch to the kids, with glaze and everything. They immediately informed me that they sucked (not their words, mine), “including the frosting.” I set aside several (plain, glazed, sugared) for my husband to try when he got home. He too said, and I quote “These suck.” So, sadly, I tossed the whole batch into my compost. Huge bummer. This was hours of work. Who knew donuts could suck?

So I moved onto the next batch. This one is from The Red Spoon: Spiced Sugar Pumpkin Donuts. This one had to be made in advance of frying, as it needed 3 hours to chill. The dough was sticky and a bit of a challenge to work with at times when cutting them out. But I could tell instantly when they hit the oil, these were going to be good. The smell alone was intoxicating. These were truly yummy and I haven’t even glazed them! We did toss the donut holes in sugar and the kids sucked them down. So much for putting my foot down on the Halloween candy thing… Anyway, I highly recommend these. I LOVED them.

Lastly, I rounded it out with this recipe from Smells Like Home: Apple Cider Beignets. Mine turned out looking like the ones on her blog, but they tasted like oily little sponges. Again, the vote was a unanimous “disgusting.” It pains me to spend so much time cooking and to end up with stuff you just want to toss out. These, like the first batch, actually were. Nobody wanted to even finish one, much less eat another. This one also had a Rum Caramel sauce with it. Maybe I just don’t like rum enough, but I didn’t like this sauce. The kids wouldn’t even try it. Bummer.

Here is a photo at least of what mine looked like. As you can see, the glazed one that was supposed to look like a Krispy Kreme, clearly failed. Oh well. Next week I am moving on to cupcakes (or maybe cookies…).


5 thoughts on “Why must we fight all the time?! This time it’s donuts.

  1. I’ve never heard of that red spoon book – could you spell out the whole title? I’d love to try those donuts! Thanks for posting it to Simple Lives Thursday. I’ve made my share of bad donuts too!
    xo, Sustainable Eats

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