Scotch’ish Eggs

Years ago, during my brother’s 3rd (and currently last) marriage, I was introduced to Scotch Eggs. My sister-in-law, at the time, was half British (well, technically, she still is, but she is no longer my sister-in-law) and she had learned to make these from her mother. I was warned that I would likely have a coronary immediately following the consumption of said treat, but these lovely little balls of pure cholesterol had me hooked right from hello. These are traditionally made with a breakfast sausage, but I wanted something with more of a kick. I was originally looking for a Merquez, so I went to the specialty butcher (Uli’s Famous Sausage), but they were all out. I ended up going with a Spanish Chorizo, because it was less greasy and crumbly than the Mexican-style Chorizo. I also switched from bread crumbs to Panko, which gave them a nice crunch. To accompany these, I made a garlic-Dijon aioli for dipping (Holy Aioli by A Chow Life). I also had some leftover buffalo wing sauce (basically melted butter and hot sauce), so I heated this up as well. I liked them both, but for different reasons. They both are technically just more fat (eggs and butter), but the Scotch Eggs needed something to help wash them down, as they tend to be a bit dry when you get to the yolk. These were super easy to make and even the kids liked them.

Make ahead 6 hard boiled eggs. Allow enough time to cool completely so that they peel easily.

Prepare your dredging station – ½ cup all-purpose flour, 2 eggs REALLY well beaten, and ½ cup of bread crumbs or Panko

Begin heating 1” of oil for frying. I used a large cast iron skillet and added to it canola oil, since it is good for high-heat frying. I started my pan over medium heat, knowing that it would get hotter over time and retain the heat well.

Since my sausage came in the casing, I had to remove the casing first. I divided the 1 pound of ground meat in half and then again into 3 equal parts for 6 total. Flatten each portion into what looks like a patty across the palm of your hand. Place the egg into the middle of your palm and then work it around the egg, until evenly covered. Be careful to make sure that the egg is FULLY covered.

Once all the eggs have been covered with the sausage, beginning breading. Start by rolling them through the flour. Shake off any excess flour. Roll the egg with flour through the beaten egg, making certain to cover the entire floured sausage and egg. Lastly, roll the egg quickly through the Panko; again, making certain that all the surface is covered. It should look like this when you are done.

Check to ensure that your oil is ready. I usually drop a small piece of breading into the oil. If it sinks and then quickly surfaces, bubbling, you should be good to go. It is important that your oil isn’t too hot. You need to be able to cook the sausage through before burning the breading. Also, be sure not to crowd the pan. I cooked mine 3 at time, since I had a roomy pan.

Once you have rotated the eggs to be browned on all sides , remove them from the oil and drain on a wire rack over a pan (I used the rack and my broiling pan). Allowing them to drain like this will keep your crust crunchy, which draining on a paper towel wouldn’t do. Since I had made mine ahead of time, I put them into the fridge right on the same rack for a couple of hours uncovered. Again, wanted to keep them crunchy.

Once ready to serve, slice the eggs into quarters and serve with a side of aioli. If I had confidence that the kids would have eaten the sauce, I probably would have drizzled some over each as part of the plating. I served these with a spinach salad on the side. Keeping with my Scotch’ish theme, I added some pomegranate seeds and shavings of Dubliner cheese to my salad. Overall, I would say this was a hit, even though the kids all removed the yolks from their eggs and none of them liked the aioli. I must admit, even I found this version to be a bit strong. Next time I may mix it up and try a different dipping sauce. My oldest also things these would be better served right from the fryer. Unfortunately, we were getting a late start on dinner and everyone was starving, so I failed to get any pictures of the final plating. Seems to be a theme for me. Oh well.


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