“BLAH!” says the Little Princess

Yesterday, I again tackled some new-to-me recipes. One I found online (Homemade Moon Pies) just recently, the other was from the archives (Root Vegetable Soup). I started with dessert, naturally. I began by making Moon Pies. This version had a bit of orange zest in the cookie and then more zest plus orange liquor in the frosting. I had called them adult cookies, but it turned out that they were simply adulterated – LOL. My first batch came out of the oven and had cooled, but I broke one while moving to the cooling rack, so I offered it to my 4-year old. She immediately said “Blah! What is in these?” I could taste the orange myself, but she didn’t like it. When the boys got home from school, they also declare the orange to be “bad.” Since I hadn’t yet made the filling/frosting, I quickly changed up the plan and abandoned the recipe. I made a butter cream similar to what the recipe had, but I left out all the orange zest and liquor and added ½ cup of marshmallow fluff. This was delicious! I didn’t pipe mine on either. I just spread it on happily as I licked my fingers. This made 14 sandwiches (including the 2 we sampled). Sadly, I thought this would get me through this week for lunches, but we ate more than half for dessert last night and that only left a handful for lunches. Oh well. Gives me an excuse to make something else.

Home Made Simple Recipe for Moon Pies

I also had these 4 recipes that were together in the September 2007 issue of Sunset Magazine. I don’t love Minnestroni, so I don’t really count that among the ones I had saved. I showed the 3 choices to my husband and, naturally, he selected the only one I wasn’t strongly considering. He really felt that the one with turnips and parsnips would be great. I already had turnips from our garden, but my parsnip crop failed this year, so I had to get them from the market (see yesterday’s post). My youngest also spent the afternoon telling me how stinky the house was. Again, she was not loving the food I was cooking. Come dinnertime, we all agreed that the soup wasn’t great, but that the little meatballs were tasty. I would use them again, perhaps in a white bean and chard soup or something.

Sunset Magazine – 4 Harvest Soups

Root Vegetable Soup with Meatballs

Hopefully, the rest of this week’s experiments are better received.


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