Pale by Comparison – 2 Topics

Yesterday, I made Grilled White Peaches with Caramel Sauce and Whipped Cream, from Cooking School Secrets for Real World Cooks. The recipe called for cinnamon and sugar on the peaches, which I found to be too strong. I think that the white peaches may have been too delicate for this combo. Next time around, I think that I would eliminate the cinnamon and use brown sugar instead. Otherwise, the caramel sauce was super easy to make and tasted great! It made WAY too much, so I will be using some of that for dipping apples and pears later. It isn't the kind that you can use to wrap an apple, but it will make a good compliment to cut, fresh seasonal fruit. I love caramel in the fall J

This week seems to be about my oldest child. We got a form from school earlier this week telling us that all 5th graders are going to Outdoor Ed in 6 weeks. The cost of this is $250. Not normally a show stopper, but since my spouse just went back to work on Monday after 2 years of unemployment, it seemed like a lot of money. I mentioned to my spouse that we needed to review the form and discuss. His immediate response was “No! He isn’t going!” Both my son and I sat there in shock. I know that money is a touchy subject these days, but I didn’t see that coming. I tried to tell him that there were options available to us if we needed assistance, but he repeated himself and stormed off. It turns out that it made him mad that they didn’t have an option for staying behind. My son has been talking about this since last year, when the 5th graders went. He mentioned it several times this summer and has talked about it with regularity since school started 3 weeks ago. I personally would have liked more than 6 weeks to save for this, but I guess that is my bad, I knew it was coming. I just thought it was a spring thing, not a fall thing. Oh well, we will make it work. This is a “right of passage” for 5th graders, so he will be going. I just hope they make him into a man while he is gone – LOL!

The other day I met a man who also has 3 kids, including a 10-year old boy, and we started talking about the kids. His older 2 are from a previous marriage and much older than his son. He went on and on and on about how wonderful this boy was. How thoughtful, how smart, how civic-minded – you name it. Everything he said was pretty much the opposite of what my 10-year old would do. He told a story about the boy accidentally pulling a fire alarm several years ago and how he cried for days about how bad this was. He still sends the fire station a letter each year, telling them how sorry he is about the whole thing. Seriously?! By the end of this 40 minute induction into sainthood, I felt like crap. I was wondering what am I doing wrong with my kid. Why doesn’t mine think of others with any regularity? Why does he do the things he does? Mine would have pulled the alarm and have immediately had a scapegoat to blame it on!! You can watch every episode of Nanny 911 and I am certain that you would spot where the parents are screwing things up. I have to believe that it is our doing somehow. But what do we need to change? I have some meditating to do…

Then today, a friend of mine and I met for coffee. I was going to start my running routine again, but she suggested donuts, so I thought it could wait another day – LOL! This is the first time that both of us have been at home, no kids AND no jobs. They are having issues with her oldest and are seeing an ADHD specialist at the recommendation of the school. All the things she said didn’t necessarily scream out ADHD to me, but I am not the expert. Sadly, her oldest sounds like my oldest in a lot of ways. Nothing is ever her fault. She is very combative and argumentative at home. She is high energy and when left to her own devices, will cause issues for anyone within arm’s reach. Then I started wondering if he had ADHD, although nobody ever suggested this to us. I just wish we could have a single conversation without being on opposite sides. I can’t even imagine what this is going to be like at 15 or 21 years of age. YIKES!


4 thoughts on “Pale by Comparison – 2 Topics

  1. The peaches look divine! I, too, love caramel in the fall! Our friends (the ones I told you about with all the apple trees) brought over MORE apples, but this time of a granny smith type and not the red ones from before. I told the kids that “Mommy is PMS-ing and we are making caramel apple bites this weekend!” Since the whole “organic” thing can sometimes cause a bite into bugs, we will use a small melon baller and scoop out some apple pieces to cover with caramel! (oh, and roll into some mini chocolate chips!) 🙂

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