From Aimless to Frantic

Last week was all about me wandering around aimless, with no idea what I really needed to do or where to start. This week, has been the complete opposite. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I feel like I have SO much to do and no way to get it all done. It looks like I need to make more lunch bags, as it seems like every 3rd day, I am waiting for them to come out of the laundry and I have to use plastic bags for lunch. I have a TON of sewing to do, in addition to the bags. I bought material to make my oldest boy 2 pairs of pants, my youngest boy 3 pairs of pants and a jacket and pants for my daughter. On top of this, I plan to make some wintery PJ’s. YIKES! What was I thinking?? Fortunately, the yard is not taking much of my time these days. The Asian pear and grapes are coming on, which means I have to figure out what to do with it all. I guess I will find some more jars and start canning! Like I had nothing else to do J BTW, I already canned 25 pounds of pears last week. Did I mention that already?? Here is a nice photo of a sink full of pears right off the tree before all the work started. At one point, I thought I was through, as I had gone through a whole sink full, plus a bucket, only to turn around and discover that there were 2 more buckets off to the side. I was so deflated by that. Man, I was tired when all was said and done.

Death by Pear

I have been reading a ton of different books lately, all centered on or around cooking. There are books on technique, books on a specific cuisine, and books on food history. I have really started to get swimmy from all of it. I do like the inspiration though. One book nearly had me running for the market to make a timpano ( However, once I saw the recipe, I realized that I needed about 2 days to prep for it (just like in the movie “Big Night” – go figure!), so I had to let that craving fall by the wayside. This week I have cracked open my “untried recipes” and made grilled clams with BBQ salmon sandwiches, a 2-layer yellow cake with fudge frosting, fajitas with homemade tortillas, and tomorrow will be lasagna with homemade noodles (sheets). I will try to remember to get some photos of the food to share. The cake was really beautiful. Too bad most of it is already gone (I didn’t eat it all, I swear! We took some to the neighbors, who have been working really long hours lately. I figured who wouldn’t want to sit down after a long day to a piece of cake. Right?). Anyway, I continue to experiment and work my way through my volumes of recipes. It would help if I didn’t continue to add to the stack…

The kids have really liked school so far this year. My oldest can hardly wait to get going in the morning. He likes meeting his friends there early so that they can play outside. He also really loves science. They are doing a module on the waters of Puget Sound. My middle child, who is in first grade this year, thinks he is the bomb. At dinner the other night he said something to the effect “Why am I always right?” I laughed and said “Your Dad suffers from the same thing.” He is a very good little reader though. I just hope one of the kids will like reading as much as I do. It would be nice to have someone to curl up with on a rainy day to read with. My youngest is in a pre-K class just for 4-year olds. She mostly likes picking out her clothes for the next day. You should see the stuff she puts together. I have to admit, I admire that she is willing to pull together her favorite things and feel great in them. She also LOVES to accessorize. She always has a bracelet or necklace or something with her outfit. I don’t even do that now! Where does she get this stuff? Clearly this must be from my mom or sister. They do the same thing. How did I get overlooked by this gene? Speaking of, last night, we were watching She’s Got the Look together. Half way through the show, she runs up stairs and comes back with a handful of barrettes for my hair. She proceeds to wedge them in all over my head. Then she disappears again, only to return with a pair of my summer sandals. She insists that I put them on. All the time, she keeps kissing my cheeks and telling me how gorgeous she thinks I look. Now, just to be clear, I was already in my pajamas. These are not pretty mind you. I had on a pair of periwinkle Bermuda shorts-type bottoms, a red t-shirt, that couldn’t be seen under the man’s grey sweatshirt that I had over it. The pièce de résistance was the knee-high black and white socks with raccoons on them. This outfit was literally something that I hoped nobody would capture on film – EVER. However, I did oblige her and do a little modeling for the whole family. Later, my oldest said that she was just me to keep me from looking in the mirror – LOL! I love being a mom!!

In all my reading and research lately, I have come across a couple of new sites. I am linking to them here. I hope that you will like them also. – she is giving away some Tattler reusable canning lids. Be sure to check her out!


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