A Week of Aimlessness

This was the first full week that the kids were back in school. It was kind of like “Woohoo let’s party!” and kind of like “Man, now what do I do with myself all day?” Strange mix of feelings. I did end up running a ton of errands that I normally would dread, since I would have to load, unload and reload 3 kids every time I stopped. I also finished up a sewing project that I started: I made my own reusable lunch bags. My oldest sister sent me all the fabric and lining that I used, since I couldn’t find any decent lining here locally. One would think in a big city, you could find anything. Truth be known, I think the general consensus is that you can BUY anything, but if you want to make something from scratch, you are better off going to a small town. There is more of a “haute couture” feel in Seattle, despite our Grunge roots. The real DIY’ers have to fend for ourselves. Here is what they look like. My oldest has already decided that he won’t use any but the white ones. Apparently the Beatles or Bassett Hounds aren’t cool enough for the 5th grade.

Since I had all this time that I haven’t had for months, I tried to get some chores done around the house. I realized, again, that most of the things that I was putting off (or stepping over!), literally took me 5 minutes to do. The biggest task I had only took 30 minutes! Makes one wonder why all the procrastinating? I am calling this my new 5 + 30 rule: If you think you can get it done in less than 30 minutes do it! You will spend that or more time avoiding it – LOL!

The biggest news this week is that my spouse landed a job – AMEN! So of course, every one of us immediately starts thinking of the things we could buy or do now that we will have money again. For months, a good number of the sentences in our house have started with “When we have money again…” The kids are scheming about all sorts of things. Even though I was right there with them, I had to put the brakes on and bring everyone back to Earth. Not only has he not actually started working yet, but we are weeks away from a paycheck. On top of that, we have exhausted our life savings in absolutely every way, so we will still have to live like paupers until we have some savings again. It was a great high though, even if it was short lived.

This week has also been about research. I am working on a project and have spent a ton of time online looking up things, making cross references, etc. I have been down the rabbit hole. Needless to say, I have now taken this project into the “I am seriously over-thinking it!” zone. Time to get back to the kitchen and cook. I am making wings today, but that is because we like to watch football on Sundays. Tomorrow I head to the market to tackle some of the recipes I have in mind this week. I will attempt to get some more photos up for everyone to see soon.


5 thoughts on “A Week of Aimlessness

  1. I have been wanting some reuseable baggies for sandwiches, snacks,e tc…. but since I can’t sew I have to stick with using plastic ones and having the kids to bring them home so I can wash them and reuse them

  2. I have three kids as well who have all returned to school. My youngest goes to school online but its nice to have a free moment to yourself. I have to admit that I do miss the older two when they are at school.
    Congrats on your spouse’s new job!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks – the job is most needed. I was talking to my mom the other day and she knew I would be feeling sad and glad at the same time. When the kids are gone, I miss them terribly. Then they come home and start fighting and I wonder when they will be leaving again – LOL!

      Glad to have found each other. I read your blog and hope that things turn around for you medically soon.

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