Dose of Reality

It has been a few days since I posted. I have been playing with the site and trying to figure out how to make this more readable. I thought I had posted since I had been online so much! Still can’t figure out why I have a big blank spot at the top now. Oh well. I will sort it out soon enough.

I seem to have lost my steam on the cooking front. I was going like gangbusters and then just hit a wall. To get back in the swing of things, yesterday I had planned to make, from scratch, spaghetti noodles and sauce with meatballs. I put the sauce on and left it to simmer and then came downstairs to work on my blog again. Suddenly, I can smell the sauce burning. I run upstairs and sure enough, the whole bottom of the pot was black. I was like “Please tell me, why the rest of you are still sitting here, when I can smell the sauce burning downstairs?” This was really directed to my spouse, of course, who was clueless about the whole thing. He is a good cook, so to me this was completely egregious. Why nobody got up to look at it when they smelled it was shocking to me. Oh well, we move on. I, too, burn the sauce.

This weekend had a ton of things breakdown. I was in a super foul mood by the end of it. It started off with the water filter in the fridge breaking on Friday afternoon. Once this breaks, you not only can’t get water, but it also won’t make ice. This is a huge deal for me. I am the ICE queen – I mean that in the nicest way possible. I am addicted to having a TON of ice in my drinks. I drink iced tea 365 days a year. This is serious business. Of course we were unable to troubleshoot it ourselves and have had to wait all weekend to call the support number listed. Current status: Still on hold with support.

The washing machine also broke (sort of) on Friday evening. It looks like the drain hose is backing up for some reason, causing the water to spill out onto the floor. This is an issue for a couple of reasons. First, we actually have the washer and dryer in a hallway-like area where there is carpet – no kidding. So now we have a soaking wet carpet that smells like a dead, wet dog. Secondly, we have a family of 5. I have to do laundry every 2 days at most, or it is unmanageable. As an extra gift, the kids (not naming any names) wet 2 of the 3 beds Saturday morning. So on top of the regular laundry, I had 2 sets of sheets, plus mattress pads, to wash. It was so much fun hanging out at the Laundromat. Can’t think of a better time.

We also had issues with the PC. Fortunately, it looks like it might be something my spouse can fix, which would be a huge help. Why does all this stuff happen when you have no money to take care of it??

On a happier note, we were invited to attend the wedding of an acquaintance of ours. Actually, it was his brother. I didn’t want to go because I don’t know him that well, much less his brother, but I figured it was an honor to be included. They are Nepalese refugees. We were connected to this man 2 years ago, when they first arrived in Seattle, through a garden-share program. His family had been farmers, prior to being driven off their land by the Chinese. We were asked to help them grow some food, since they were suffering from malnutrition. I have noticed that a good deal of the immigrants struggle with food issues when they get to America. Sadly, they are the same issues most Americans struggle with: Too much of the wrong stuff. It must be shocking to go from a rice-based diet to a Doritos-based diet! Anyway, they had already had the Hindu wedding ceremony and we were just there for the receiving of the bride. It was interesting to watch. I just wish I had some idea of what was being said. People were coming in and out the whole time. When we first arrived, they gave us each a plate of food. We sat down to eat and then realized that we were the only ones eating and that everyone was watching us. My oldest said “This is embarrassing! They are just watching us eat!” I said “Yes, this is a bit awkward, but please use your manners and just eat.” My youngest was in a foul mood and wouldn’t even pretend to eat. They did this very elaborate ceremony at the end where they had all these dishes with different things in them like rice, spices, oranges, etc. each with a quarter. I assumed this had something to do with prosperity and health and stuff like that. I sat watching this little cockroach scurry all over this board that they were using for this. It was a real eye-opener to me: Even though I have no job and no money, I am truly very fortunate. I have a wonderful family, we have a nice house to live, we are all healthy and despite minor inconveniences, we are truly happy and blessed.


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