What a Week!

This week has just been full of weirdness, leaving me in a funk today. Started off with an email from the people I spoke to last week about a job (you know, the one that was “in the bag!”) saying they wanted me to work for free until the project was ended. I was like “Hmmm…that is a very interesting idea, but no.” Now I am back on the hunt. A job can’t come soon enough. My spouse has had a couple of interviews also and we hope to have news next week. On the up side, the other company I spoke to that same week, is having me meet them in person next week. Downside to that job is that we would need to relocate. All things considered, I would love to stay put, but at the same time, I can move if I have to. Cross your fingers something works out.

This week we ran out of toothpaste. Not an earth-shattering event in the big scheme of things really, but it was another indicator of where we are in our lives right now. Instead of buying more, I decided to pull out my home remedies beauty book. I basically made a tooth powder out of baking soda and fennel for flavor. My two younger kids had a complete meltdown over this “new toothpaste.” You would have thought I was giving them poison. My oldest, thank God, stepped up to the plate and said that it wasn’t that bad. That swayed my younger son, who does everything his brother does. After 5 days, my littlest is still complaining vehemently that this is the worst stuff. Ever.

Then to top it off, my new hair cut won’t cooperate. I look like I have a bad Suze Orman thing going on. And trust me, hers isn’t good to begin with, so you can only imagine what mine looks like!

This week was also the first time I had to use social services. I am getting a real education on what is offered and when. Turns out that until you use literally every last dime you have, you don’t qualify. So when we finally had nothing, we were eligible for food stamps (this now comes in a prepaid card thingy called an EBT) and other help, like with medical insurance for the kids and assistance with our utilities. Turns out, even the poor can get cable. I never thought about it, but I guess cable would at least keep us online and allow us to continue our job searches without having to spend copious amounts of time at the public library. It hasn’t come to that yet though. As I have said before, I don’t mind the challenge. I have never been so creative in getting things done. It offers up a weird mix of emotions: On one hand, I love trying to figure this out and make it work. On the other hand, I feel depressed at times that we are where we are. I feel like I am all over the place – LOL! To put it all in practice, I took my kids to the farm stand, bought 15 pounds of pickling cucumbers and dill and used my EBT card for the very first time. And survived. I was certain the whole way over that I would be super embarrassed, but I wasn’t. I then made 20 jars of pickles. Cooking always makes me feel better.

I saw this little saying in a book I read a few weeks ago called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. This totally fits how I live my life:

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!”


4 thoughts on “What a Week!

  1. Food stamps not so awful. So many people who never thought they’d be there are there now so heh! it’s like a block party! Make sure you find out if there is a farmer’s market voucher program like there is here.

    We made those zucchini and feta fritters tonight. Served with a salad using leftover salmon Jim caught, and a plate of sliced melon on the side. Since we’ve been “using it up, wearing it out, making do or doing without” (NOT MY LATTES WHY GOD WHY?) we fear we might die from the added value nutrition.

    Love you. Mean it.

    • They do have a program with most of the vendors at the Farmer’s Market. I am glad that I can still get good, organic veggies. I bought some stuff at the Grocery Outlet recently and all of it was really gross.

      I am glad to hear that you are suffering from nutritional overload – LOL! ‘Bout time 🙂

      I too am struggling with my Starbucks addiction. Sucks.

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