Chocolate Truffle Cookies from

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spend a lot of time playing with new recipes. My goal is to try 2 or more a week. This week, one of them was these Chocolate Truffle Cookies. Again, I am a sucker for good food photography, so this one had my stomach growling every time I looked at it. Turns out, they tasted a lot like my Mom’s brownie recipe that I modified, but were far more work. Anyway, here is the link to the original recipe and my comments and photos:
I didn’t have a small ice cream scoop or even a melon baller, so I used a small spoon as they suggested. It didn’t give the round shape that was needed, so I had to then roll each cookie by hand. As they warmed up, they became EXTREMELY sticky, to the point where I could only make 9 at a time before the dough had to go back into the fridge. My son, who was assigned as my food photographer for this post, sat laughing at me as I tried frantically to get the dough to make a ball and then come off my hand. Also, they suggest just giving each ball a few minutes back in the fridge before rolling in the sugar mixture. Because they were so sticky, I gave them each 15, which worked out well between batches.
Finally, it suggests dusting them with powdered sugar at the end. Since they were rolled in sugar before baking, they were literally covered with sugar already. Not sure if they just wanted to send everyone into a diabetic coma or what, but I skipped this option.

Otherwise, these were delicious. My two cents – make mom’s brownies next time. WAY easier and much faster too!




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