Not my first rodeo

So this really isn’t my first blog.  I started (sort of if you count 4 posts in 4 years a blog) one for work that I never used and eventually gave the ID over to my spouse, since I thought he could use it for work.  I also had this site:  I really did love a lot about it, but I had started it thinking that I would use it like an online journal, and then I was too afraid to really say anything, so it just became this trite bunch of stuff (guess the name was fitting!).  Anyway, I have retired them both.  I am really excited about this new blog.  I am still getting a headache from trying to figure out how to use things here as it is definitely more advanced than the other 2 were, which is partly why I made the move.  Anyway, bear with me as I figure this all out.  I am super excited about lots of topics and am going to start tackling them a bit each day.

To start the sharing, here is a photo of a peach and blackberry cobbler that I recently made.  I love picking fresh fruit and veggies from my own garden.

August 2010


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