So to start off this post, I will simply say, those tree socks are totally stupid!  I have to go out and pick up apples covered with socks off the lawn every day.  Normally I would just toss the apples onto the compost pile, but now I have to remove their support hose.  What a huge waste of time!  I can only hope that the other tree I did, the Asian pear, was worth it. It seems to be holding up.  Let’s just hope the fruit underneath is as pristine as I had been promised.  Seriously.

The rest of my garden is doing pretty well.  My heat loving plants (pepper and tomatillos) are not making any progress.  They are all still less than 4” tall.  I have to say it would be unlikely that we would get any fruit from them.  We dug up potatoes yesterday.  I have them planted in 3 rotations, so that I didn’t literally have a million potatoes at the same time.  After the slugs had their fill, I only have 6 carrots that are growing.  A feast!  I must say though, that no matter how much blood (plenty – I seem to have lots of blisters and scratches from the blackberries all the time), sweat (it is amazing how hot it gets standing in direct sunlight for even a short period of time) and tears (I don’t really cry, but I definitely pouted about the carrots), and I wouldn’t trade a day in the office for my time in garden.  I love my urban farm!!  I just can’t wait until next year when I hope to add chickens 🙂

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