Moving, or something like that

So I have been toying with moving to a new blog. A fresh start.  Something less banal than this one turned out to be.  When I started, I was afraid to stick anything “out there”, including my neck.  Since January, when I was unceremoniously SHOVED off the corporate ladder, my life has changed significantly – Thank God!  I am not sure that I ever thought the things that came with my life at that time were truly important, but they somehow seemed inescapable.  I worked so hard for things that I wasn’t even attached to.  Why?  I don’t fully know yet.  However, I have found a kind of freedom and can’t be thankful enough. 

I am now working on courage.  I spend a great deal of time fantasizing about owning a farm and having chickens and dogs and seeing my kids riding off on their bikes into the dusty fields without worrying about them doing the right thing while they are out.  I can see myself being OK with far less than I have today.  Maybe even being relieved. There is a lot of stress to “owning” things in this world.  Maybe it is a mid-life crisis or something akin to that, but I think I may have actually figured out who I really am and what makes me happiest. 

Now I just have to have the faith and courage to do it.  Stay tuned…

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