My new life is great, but I am still a day late and a dollar short

So, as usual, I am late to the game.  After so many years of wishing I didn’t have an office job, but working 60+ hours in an office, I am sort-of pursuing what I really want to do – farm.  I know, most people look at me and laugh with a big giant WTF? behind it.  I am really pursuing the urban homesteading thing.  I wanted to do it years ago, but was so affraid of leaving a job that paid well.  If I had, AND blogged about it, just think how rich and famous I would be right now – LOL!

I have been trying desperately to convince my family to move to the country and buy a farm. The kids were quick to catch on to how much work that would mean for them.  Man, I hate smart kids!!  My spouse is sort of onboard with it, but is still grounded in reality enough to know that we still need to pay the bills.  Go figure…

So in the meantime, I am turning my enormous yard into an edible garden. We already have a small orchard (8 apple and pear trees) and 2 grapes.  I have planted veggies and herbs for the past several years already, but because I was working so much, I never had any real time to dedicate to keeping it up or really doing anything serious with it.  This year I MEAN BUSINESS!  Here are some photos of my freshly planted garden.  I am looking into getting some chickens (I have wanted them for almost 20 years now!).  I really hope that I can afford to get them soon. 

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