Well, hello, Mrs. Robinson

OK, so it was literally 6:30am and raining and I was standing at the bus stop in what would be termed very dim light coming from the street lights.  I ducked under the bus shelter and sat on the bench.  Shortly thereafter a young man arrives and asks me if I had seen the #9.  I made a comment about the lovely weather and the darkness of the hour.  He then asked me if I was going to Central.  I assumed he meant the Central District and I said, “No, I have to go downtown.”  He then said that he loves going to college and goes early so that he can get a run in before his 8am classes.  He goes on to tell me he is a personal trainer and that all of his friends are stoners, so it is a bit weird.  It only occurred to me at that time that he thought I was in high school and going to Central High, which made me laugh out loud.  I then mentioned that my husband used to run track in college and that his friends were also stoners. The look on this poor kids face was priceless.  Trust me, if I hadn’t had my funky rain boots on and been burried under a huge coat in the near darkness, this mistake (on his part!) would never have happened – LOL!

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