Food is my life, and other musings

I have discovered that blogging is a lot like my New Year’s resolutions – I was doing OK for a bit, and then not so much.

So anyway, figured I should try to do some catch up here.

After we returned from vacation, my father-in-law got very sick, and ultimately passed away. We live a full-day’s travel by flight away, so this was very stressful for my husband. He flew out ahead of us, just as his dad was slipping away, but got there in time to see him before he passed. The kids and I made the trek out the following week to be with him and his siblings. This was emotional and exhausting. I imagine that this will take some time to recover from, but that is what time is for.

I recently decided to cut all the color out of my hair, after coloring for literally 20 years. I figured now was the time since my hair is so short. I really hated spending 2 hours on a hair appointment. Not my idea of a good time. I don’t get enough personal time as it is, and this was a huge frustation point for me. Honestly, it boils down to me being super lazy. Anyway, I have gotten more compliments on my hair than I have in my whole life. Women love it – guess because it is a bold thing to do and most of us fret about the day that we are gray and the world knows it. However, my older sister hates it. Now, if I could get a decent photo of myself, I would include it here.

So after giving up on being the Next Food Network Star, I discovered that food really is still my life. I have always focused my day around food, ever since I was a kid. My mom talks about how as a child my first question of the day would be “What’s for dinner?” Food is what makes a bad day livable.

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