Do I need a New Life?

So I just got back from a much needed vacation. There were still lots of good times, but some mishaps though. The kids had a great time at the beach and Disneyland.  My spouse cooked like a madman the whole time. We swore everything he made had bacon in it!  I actually got to do a lot of nothing for a change.  It was nice overall (minus the complaining).

Unfortunately, now I get to go back to work and try to figure out how to get through 1200 emails while spending the week in training. Should be a good time. 

I have still been thinking about having my own cooking show, even more now than I had in the past.  I spent some time on the trip looking into the rules for the NFNS and I am convinced I am in over my head for sure.  I have some great plans for a show, but I don’t know if I could pull it off.  I have been reading blogs, going through recipes, etc.  I feel very overwhelmed.  Just wish I had the courage to do it.  The up side to all this research?  I found a killer cupcake link 🙂 – 7 Unconventional Cupcakes.  The one with bacon looks awesome!  Makes me think my spouse had a hand in this one – LOL!

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