Abundance: What to do with too many Herbs {VIDEO}

Chive Blossoms

I had a couple of people ask me what would I do with extra herbs. I quickly spouted off a couple of things just to answer, but later realized that my answer was incomplete at best. I have created a short video showing you a couple of things you can do. I have also thoughtfully … Continue reading

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VIDEO POST: My Famous Lemon-Rosemary Chicken


In an attempt to learn to make videos and use them to teach more about my cooking than simply blogging about them can do, I decided that I would start with chicken. Why not? This is the first installment of three videos showing what you can do with a simple roasting chicken. To start, I … Continue reading


My MAD Face

In my post on September 9th (Pear Chutney, Meet Pork Roast), I made reference to my attempt at making a video. IT. WAS. TERRIBLE. My food was falling apart. I kept losing focus because I had to run back and forth to the camera. And I would forget what I had already said and then … Continue reading


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