Mexican Round-Up

Carne de res Jalapeno

I thought it might be helpful to put together a post that links to all my other posts having to do with spicy and/or Mexican food. Cinco de Mayo rarely falls on a Saturday, so this year you should be able to do more than go out for cheap Mexican food – LOL! ¡buen provecho … Continue reading

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Carne de res Jalapeño

Shredding Beef

Last week I was feeling exceptionally lazy about cooking. I prepare, on average, 3 meals a day. For a family of 5. That’s a lot of cooking… and dishes. So I decided one day that the meal I was going to make had to be something that didn’t require I run to the store for … Continue reading

{Video} Chocolate and Tacos

Chocolate Souffles

I think I may be developing allergies in my old age. For the past 2 days, I have had the MOST WICKED sinus headache. I am taking as many Aleve as the bottle will allow. I have tried ice and heat. I am on the verge of simply trying to drink it away – LOL! … Continue reading

Pork Tamales

Pork Tamales

In trying to keep eating at home interesting, I made another pass through my to-try recipe folder. I am always clipping from the “too many” food-oriented magazines I get. Sometimes I clip a ton and sometimes nothing seems to grab me. I should probably pay more attention to when I am reading them. Might have … Continue reading

National Margarita Day!

Holiday Cranberry Margarita

Thank God that there is finally a holiday that I can really get behind. I L.O.V.E. margaritas! One of my favorite pastimes was to make a batch of margaritas and play cards on a Friday night. Fortunately for me, I am all ready for this holiday. Not only do I make the traditional margarita that … Continue reading


Turkey Mole over Rice with Avocado

Turkey Mole is one of my husband’s favorite recipes. This is one that he has been playing with for years and each time, it is unique. I no longer remember where the original recipe came from. Like a lot of the things we cook, we improvise with what we have on hand. We have changed … Continue reading


Fried Rellenos

I was born and raised in Colorado. Even though I have been gone longer than I actually lived there, I still have a deep fondness for the place. It is hard to discount one’s childhood. My spouse and I make a trip back at least once a year on average. I claim that it is … Continue reading


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