To enjoy the moment, or ruin it forever

Grown up S'mores

My husband often chides me when I am trying to get a photo of something that I want to remember.  He calls it “ruining the moment so I can capture it forever.”   I was seriously offended by this statement when I first heard it (he has a knack for that), but sadly, it rings … Continue reading

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Choclate-Pecan Morning Buns

Morning Bun

It was serendipitous that my June Bon Appetit magazine arrived at a time when I had become obsessed with recreating a recipe for morning buns that I couldn’t stop thinking about, even years after I had first tasted them (please see Rehab and Chocolate for the full backstory). Sadly, to do recipe development you have … Continue reading


Blackberries and Almonds star in these lovely little cakes

This time of year forces me to get creative. The sheer amount and variety of things coming into season is so overwhelming. I get real tired, real fast of making the same things all the time. I love blackberry pie, but after a while, enough is enough. Come January, I will happily open a jar … Continue reading

If only…

Summer Fruit

This Wednesday marks what would have been the 100th birthday for Julia Child. While I haven’t been a lifelong fan, I must admit that I am a recent convert. Not because of the popular book turned movie “Julie & Julia, which was mildly entertaining (BTW, the second book was a self-indulgent whine-fest). I recently checked … Continue reading

I’m tired. Really, really tired.


If you have been following my blog, you know that I started a new job about a month ago. Back in the day, when I was either Super-woman or seriously jacked on caffeine, I was able to manage a family and a job easily. Or at least I thought it was easy. Now, however, it … Continue reading

{VIDEO POST} Chicken Part 2: Stock

Carved roasted chicken

If you have been following along for a bit now, you know that this is only my 2nd actual video. My sister had been teasing me for about a year that I should make a series of videos with the kids running around screaming in the background. Just like my real life. I didn’t include … Continue reading

Half Baked Cookie Sandwiches: The name alone makes them great!

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

When I saw a post for a cookie sandwich that billed itself as “half baked” I knew that I had to try it. Fate would not allow me to overlook it. Sure, just a week ago I had proclaimed that I was “on a diet”, but what is a girl to do? When I stumbled … Continue reading


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