Farm Trek: Canner’s Log

Apple Jelly and Collards

Like any good diary of a journey, this one eventually descends into a self-made hell, just more quickly than most. Day One, Canner’s Log: Started the day off with a feeling of excitement as today was the weekly Farmer’s Market. Had been eyeing for 2-3 weeks now a couple of recipes for Apricot Jam and … Continue reading

Couldn’t eat more locally if I tried

Squash Blossoms

Lately, I have just not felt like doing much, even though I have nothing but much to do. I am currently juggling working, 3 kids on summer vacation and a new puppy. My sister thinks I have finally lost my fucking mind. I suspect she may be right, considering how well I seem to be … Continue reading

The 2nd Oldest Profession

Just walk away

Some days Motherhood just doesn’t give you the same satisfaction that others do. You don’t look at your kids and think that they are little angels. You don’t dream of how a meatloaf will change the world, if only they would try it. And most of all, you don’t want anyone to know that you … Continue reading

To enjoy the moment, or ruin it forever

Grown up S'mores

My husband often chides me when I am trying to get a photo of something that I want to remember.  He calls it “ruining the moment so I can capture it forever.”   I was seriously offended by this statement when I first heard it (he has a knack for that), but sadly, it rings … Continue reading

Tell Me a Story

Banana Nut Pancakes

“…TELL A STORY Shitty pictures of your food are all over the internet. Sites like Instagram are loaded with photo after photo of lumpy goo. What you’re trying to share is the joy you feel when the waiter delivers that beautifully plated pork chop. But your photo doesn’t tell the story of that experience. Your … Continue reading

The Memory of Bread

Yeasty Rolls

I am not likely an aberration, but I love bread right from the oven. I love the smell of it baking. I love the feel of warm bread in my hand. I love eating it with loads of melting butter, homemade jam or honey. I love to dip it in my soup. I love to … Continue reading

Why!? Why must we all be 13 at some point!?!

Fudgesicle Face

A quote from Anna Quindlen’s book Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake “”I want to know the point of all this!,” he yelled.” This pretty much sums up my experiences with my nearly 13 year old these days. He hates school. He hates homework. He hates the people at school. He hates teachers. You name … Continue reading


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