New Agey Fish and Chips – A Gluten-Free version for those who care about such stuff

Grilled Branzino

Thanks to my new diet, I am now spending far too much time counting calories. Not that I shouldn’t. I have eaten my way into a nice spare tire, but still. It gets a bit old. I have always thought about food all day, every day. Sadly, now I feel like I spend all of … Continue reading

Family Quotes

Chicken-Fried Steak and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

When I read “The legacy that wasn’t: wonton soup” by T. Susan Chang (an excerpt from A Spoonful of Promises) it really struck home. Susan was also attempting to learn about her heritage through food. She was attempting to recreate something purely from sensory memory. As adults, we have learned to rely on external cues … Continue reading

Grandma Jackie Has Flair

Fry Bread with Meyers Lemon Curd

“He’s quiet now, with his little boy on his lap. They have the same haircut. Martin gives his son a kiss and rubs his forehead. He holds him tight. Something becomes clear in this moment. The real barbecue we love, that we pretentiously and earnestly came to save, might be under siege, but it isn’t … Continue reading

Celebrating Food Day by Sharing a Few Canning Recipes

Duck with Plum Sauce

Alright, so I promised to share some recipes from all the canning I did. And since this week is also the annual Food Day Celebration, I figured another canning post would be apropos. What better way to celebrate “healthy, affordable, and sustainable food?” I will admit that when I first started canning, I pretty much … Continue reading

Mapo Pork and Tofu {Recipe Review}

Mapo Pork and Tofu

Last week I decided to try out some of the recipes that I have been stockpiling in my “to try” folder. I get several foodie mags, so this folder can get pretty fat if I don’t work through it once in a while. I am a spicy girl. I LOVE me some heat. When I … Continue reading

Mexican Round-Up

Carne de res Jalapeno

I thought it might be helpful to put together a post that links to all my other posts having to do with spicy and/or Mexican food. Cinco de Mayo rarely falls on a Saturday, so this year you should be able to do more than go out for cheap Mexican food – LOL! ¡buen provecho … Continue reading

Japanese at Home

Heaping Plate of Gyoza

One of the things that my kids like the most is Japanese food. Strange probably, but true. I am fortunate enough to have kids with good palates. But that comes with a price. Literally. They are constantly begging me to take them out for sushi. They don’t really eat the sushi other than the California … Continue reading


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