Boozy Cherries

Brandied Cherry Filling

Over the summer I put up some brandied cherries.  I recently pulled them out and made a batch of ready frosted cherry bars.  This only used about half the jar, so I turned the rest into this lovely version of a Black Forest Cake.  I was talked out of doing the whipped cream in favor … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favorite things…

Heirloom Rainbow Carrots

Roasted Heirloom Rainbow Carrots (shown pre-roasting) Home-made Left-over Thanksgiving Day Turkey Pho Chocolate Cake. This was layered with a malted chocolate mouse, but it didn’t set up and was a bit disappointing.  But… you can never go wrong with chocolate!

To enjoy the moment, or ruin it forever

Grown up S'mores

My husband often chides me when I am trying to get a photo of something that I want to remember.  He calls it “ruining the moment so I can capture it forever.”   I was seriously offended by this statement when I first heard it (he has a knack for that), but sadly, it rings … Continue reading

Why!? Why must we all be 13 at some point!?!

Fudgesicle Face

A quote from Anna Quindlen’s book Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake “”I want to know the point of all this!,” he yelled.” This pretty much sums up my experiences with my nearly 13 year old these days. He hates school. He hates homework. He hates the people at school. He hates teachers. You name … Continue reading


Crazy Cake

Virginia Wolf – “I have lost friends, some by death, others through sheer inability to cross the street.” Anna Quindlen – “When I think back, I realize that in my own life there was a girlfriend interregnum, a time during which I lost the knack for, the connection to, but never the need for close … Continue reading

Where’s my Mojo?

S'mores Pie

I have been feeling uninspired lately. I just can’t seem to find something that I want to blog about. I blamed a lot of it on my camera being broken, which is true, and certainly plays a big part in blogging. Not having any photos makes food blogging a bit like just bragging: All talk … Continue reading

Choclate-Pecan Morning Buns

Morning Bun

It was serendipitous that my June Bon Appetit magazine arrived at a time when I had become obsessed with recreating a recipe for morning buns that I couldn’t stop thinking about, even years after I had first tasted them (please see Rehab and Chocolate for the full backstory). Sadly, to do recipe development you have … Continue reading


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