Boozy Cherries

Brandied Cherry Filling

Over the summer I put up some brandied cherries.  I recently pulled them out and made a batch of ready frosted cherry bars.  This only used about half the jar, so I turned the rest into this lovely version of a Black Forest Cake.  I was talked out of doing the whipped cream in favor … Continue reading

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Farm Trek: Canner’s Log

Apple Jelly and Collards

Like any good diary of a journey, this one eventually descends into a self-made hell, just more quickly than most. Day One, Canner’s Log: Started the day off with a feeling of excitement as today was the weekly Farmer’s Market. Had been eyeing for 2-3 weeks now a couple of recipes for Apricot Jam and … Continue reading

A Watched Pot

The Perfect Plum

The old saying goes “A watched pot never boils.” Well, it turns out that an unwatched pot will actually boil dry. Sigh. I thought that this year I would be so on top of it. I have been working on my Thanksgiving menu for a few weeks, in hopes that I would be able to … Continue reading

Celebrating Food Day by Sharing a Few Canning Recipes

Duck with Plum Sauce

Alright, so I promised to share some recipes from all the canning I did. And since this week is also the annual Food Day Celebration, I figured another canning post would be apropos. What better way to celebrate “healthy, affordable, and sustainable food?” I will admit that when I first started canning, I pretty much … Continue reading

This is why I whine all the time – OK, partly why

Jammin' Jars

I am literally the lamest food blogger – EVER. I talk and whine about all sorts of stuff, but never really give you anything good to work with. At the very least, I ought to offer up proof that I have been actually doing some of the things I bitch about. Canning was probably the … Continue reading

Changing Seasons

Garden Time

This time of year, harvest time that is, my house looks a lot like any other house might have for the past few thousand years. We are busy harvesting and processing the bounty that we were able to produce. This changes year-to-year, as what we get is largely dependent on all the same things: sun, … Continue reading

My own brand of OCD

Canning - Day One

I fully believed that if I developed OCD that I would load up my minivan (Don’t judge me, I am a mother of 3 with a dog!) with the mower and edger and drive around town cutting people’s lawns. It drives me nuts this time of year when I see one house with grass about … Continue reading


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