This is why I whine all the time – OK, partly why

Jammin' Jars

I am literally the lamest food blogger – EVER. I talk and whine about all sorts of stuff, but never really give you anything good to work with. At the very least, I ought to offer up proof that I have been actually doing some of the things I bitch about. Canning was probably the … Continue reading

Blackberry Coolers

Blackberry-Peach Soda

Last week I made a lovely blackberry and peach pie. I probably could have stuffed the thing to overflowing, but instead I decided to swipe a cup of the filling to turn into a base for a soda syrup. My family loves sodas of all kinds. I am a tea gal, myself, but I can … Continue reading

Mexican Round-Up

Carne de res Jalapeno

I thought it might be helpful to put together a post that links to all my other posts having to do with spicy and/or Mexican food. Cinco de Mayo rarely falls on a Saturday, so this year you should be able to do more than go out for cheap Mexican food – LOL! ¡buen provecho … Continue reading

National Margarita Day!

Holiday Cranberry Margarita

Thank God that there is finally a holiday that I can really get behind. I L.O.V.E. margaritas! One of my favorite pastimes was to make a batch of margaritas and play cards on a Friday night. Fortunately for me, I am all ready for this holiday. Not only do I make the traditional margarita that … Continue reading

The Night Before, The Night Before New Year’s

Filet Mignon with Compound Butter

Strangely enough, this year we have ZERO plans for New Year’s Eve. Usually, we have a handful of invitations to choose from, but mostly we don’t have a sitter. So we may end up at home anyway, but still. Seems like this year our friends all put their energies into Halloween for some reason. It … Continue reading


Holiday Cranberry Margarita

My spouse is concerned that I may be developing a drinking problem. I have always been the proverbial “cheap date”. The one for whom a single glass, no!, for whom half a glass!, would keep her giggling for hours! For a gal who could nurse along a bottle of wine for months, I certainly have … Continue reading



I am fortunate enough to have a husband who supports my blog and all its craziness, and as a result, introduces me to people who are doing really interesting stuff. He’s a recruiter, after all – so networking is just something he does naturally. This time around, he’s introduced me to a couple who live … Continue reading


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